Bend it like iPhone 6

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You spend a freakish amount of money on a newly released phone. In your mind, you are thinking of flaunting it off to your friends. You keep it in your pocket. You are happy because the thought of showing it to your friends and seeing their reaction cannot leave your mind.

So you reach there and you break the news out to them and you take out the phone from your pocket and its bent! Yes its bent. And the reaction almost reverses. They laugh at you instead of having the awe moment and you feel dumb.

Ever since Apple released the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the news of the phone bending on some occasions has been floating the market. Companies like Samsung, Nokia and even KitKat have been involved in creating parodies about the phone’s bending.

LG G flex is the new product, which came up soon after the iPhone bending news. It literally kicked up on durability and flexibility in the markets as the launch video was highly viewed.

Samsung and Apple have been involved in a lot of law suites for quite some years now. Samsung came up with a new add where it shows the “bent” iPhone 6 bowing down to the Samsung Note 3 saying, ‘ bend to those who are worthy.’

Beer brands like Miller Lite and Heinekens have also come with trolls on twitter saying that the bending business does not necessarily work well for everybody and in case of apple it is not a subtle expense like that of a beer.

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The phone’s bending kicked up on twitter as well. Some went on to take the bending seriously as being a disappointment to the high expectation of the new phone. Some people took it in a funny manner and went out to share their wisdom.


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