Do People Want iOS 8?

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More bad news for Apple, after #Bendgate, now comes the news that people aren’t updating their iOS software. Does this mean that people don’t want the gigabyte hungry update? This could cause trouble for app designers who have already put all their eggs into the iOS 8 basket.

According to Apple’s own app store, 47% iPhone users are still using iOS 7. Since the 21th of September the number of iOS 8 users has only increased by 1%.

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The small increase comes as a surprise to many experts due to the sheer number of iPhone 6/Plus shipped since the phone’s release in September which 10 million phones sold in the first three days of its release.

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Despite Apple not putting out any official numbers yet, using data from third parties (Fiksu and Mixpanel), it appears that the ‘second 10 million’ iPhone 6 and 6 Pluses are almost already in the hands of customers. This suggests that the number of iOS 8 users will increase given time, but at the moment Apple users may be starting to worry slightly, especially with Google having announced its new software update, Android L, which is slated to be released this Christmas.



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