Is London Safe?

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Metropolitan police reports the rate of violence against a person to have risen from 12,675 in 2013 to 15,852 in 2014. Every 1 in 4 people can be expected to be attacked by violence.

TNT magazine , an e-magazine that describes the best and worst of London discusses the most unpleasant areas in London.  TNT magazine ranks Hackney as one of the most “unbearable places” to live in. A recent survey by reported in the magazine suggests the residents in Hackney are miserable and the unemployment rate to be among the highest in the UK. reports the comments of residents on the most dangerous places to live in London. At the top of the list is Brixton . The comments on the city are :

“London isn’t safe anywhere! Sure, it’s different in Brixton than Richmond, but I would avoid even going on Kensington High Street etc.”

Next on the list is Tottenham comments for which are :

“People in Tottenham are more likely to start gang business’s, territories, killing and much more scary things.”

 According to Croydon and East London have been voted the two worst areas to live in the UK.  Out of 110 places inspected in London by the Right Move estate agents , Croydon was ranked 109th followed by East London at 110th.The residents were asked to evaluate their area on 12 factors including : space , costs and value.

So for all the daily commuters out there, take a safe call on the places you wish to visit .

Be safe!



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