Benefits of CCTV

What would the world be like if video surveillance ceased to exist?

CCTV can be seen as an invasion of privacy, focusing on every move of our daily lives. London has one of the highest number of CCTV cameras of any city in the world according to the London Council. Cameras are on our streets, in our schools, and even in our hospitals. Being watched 24 hours a day seems daunting, but looking at the positive sides of CCTV we’ve provided, might put your mind at ease.

Crime Prevention 

Criminals will think twice about breaking into a house when they know there is a possibility of getting caught on camera. According to London24, cameras caught over 1,000 criminals in 2011 in London. The Metropolitan Video Team tells London24 that 288 robbers, 158 burglars, 57 suspects for serious assaults and 19 people involved in sexual assaults have been identified using CCTV images.

Detective Chief Inspector Mick Neville, the coordinator of the Metropolitan Video Team, says, “we are extremely grateful to the public who have helped us identify many wanted people and I would urge people to visit our Caught On Camera website to help us identify more.”

Cameras can identify potential and current offenders, while collecting invaluable evidence. For example, with the current Alice Gross murder case, CCTV cameras caught Alice on camera right before her abduction, providing important evidence for authorities.

Traffic Regulation

No one enjoys getting a speeding ticket or dealing with a traffic warden, but safety first when we all get into our cars. Enforcing traffic regulation can prevent future vehicle accidents and provide overall public safety. Also, when the person in the car that hits you is denying it was his fault, CCTV has it all on tape.

Funny Footage

Putting aside all of the break-ins and traffic accidents caught on tape, video surveillance at times can brighten your day.


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