Do you know you’re being watched?

In light of Twitter, the worlds largest micro-blogging platform suing the US government. Is it the publics right to know more about how the government is monitoring our social media and our lives as well? Britain is the worlds most watched nation in the world with over six million CCTV cameras watching our every move.

The British public is seemingly content with everyday CCTV, monitoring but are we similarly informed on the extent to which we are monitored online?

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 13.11.08

If an employer can go as far as tracking your Facebook and Twitter (online footprint) to find out more about and your activities, then to what extent do you think the government goes to unearth what they need to about your life.

In Britain, all external communication is subjected to monitoring by law indiscriminately under a general warrant, according to section 8(4) of the act Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (Ripa). Internally however a warrant is needed: internal communications between British residents within the UK may only be monitored in line with a specific warrant.

Who gives the permission for this warrant however is not disclosed. We are also unsure, if you are informed of the decisions and reasons.

Title image courtesy of Hustvedt via Wikipedia Creative Commons



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