Street artist’s stance against surveillance

Street artists have always made guerilla statements in their work about political and social problems in society and surveillance is no exception.

In April 2008, located in Central London, the famous street artist Banksy creates “ONE NATION UNDER CCTV”. On the wall of the Royal Mail in Oxford Street the artists makes a statement denouncing excessive CCTV surveillance in UK.

This piece was quickly removed by Westminster City Council but was defended by art critic Rupert Maas, stating ‘Here (Banksy)i s making a point that we are increasingly governed by CCTV cameras. I think it’s great – good for him.”

With a goal to denounce an excessive surveillance all over the world, the aptly named street artist ‘SPY’ assembled 150 cameras on the front of Madrid building. He reassured the residents of Madrid. “All of the cameras are fake and wont spy! Sorry survey on you!” We are unable to host the image ourself, but click here for the image.


Feature photo credit: Ogglog


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