China blocked British MPs causing more Protests in Hong Kong

Picture courtesy of

Alex Xi Zhang (News Correspondent), Young London News

The Hong Kong government has been forced to shut on Monday due to the Hong Kong protests escalated into a real fight between police and pre-democracy activist according to BBC news reports.

The fighting on Lung Wo Road in Admiralty comes after China embassy blocked British MPs to enter Hong Kong area.

The chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Sir Richard Ottoway stated, “The Chinese government are acting in an overtly confrontational manner in refusing us access to do our job”.  The chairman planned to travel to Hong Kong in December as a part of inquiry of the Sino-British Joint Declaration signed between UK and China in 1997.

From 30 November until three o’clock today, huge amounts of posts on twitter have focused on the cruel side of riot police and the chaotic scenes after overnight unrest. The tense stand-off between protesters and police is still going on.

The protests on Sunday night could be the worst unrest in the last two months since September. Hong Kong police has been called violent police as the water hoses and batons have been used to against the activists at first time.

“Last night is certainly most violent” said Antony Dapiran, an observer of Hong Kong protest, who was in the protest site last night.

“Police used pepper spray and batons much more indiscriminately, charged crowd pushing them back over a much bigger area than necessary” Antony said “Then I ran away!”

Around 1400 GMT Time, five student leaders gave their speeches to apologize the damage that the protest has been brought to the students. A hunger strike by student leaders will be the next step to against the government according the live twitter posts.

“Most of crowd were supportive, cheering Jia You when the leaders apologize” Antony said. “But people are quite dispirited overall, feel the movement has lost momentum and direction because the protesters tried many things but always fail and the government continues to ignore their requests. ” Antony said, who is sitting in the Homework Are sheltering.

So far, there is no response from Beijing. The latest reports in the People’s Daily in called the Hong Kong protest a “failed” “fiasco” protest, “has been reduced to nothing more than chaos on the streets”. The President of People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping declares Hong Kong protest is an “illegal movement” in the past, saying that “law and order must be maintained”.

Foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said “”the so-called delegation of the British parliament’s foreign affairs committee going to Hong Kong for a so-called investigation”.



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