Line rental prices soar as consumers switch to mobile phones

Picture courtesy of

Jipsa George (News Correspondent), Young London News

Line rental charges are said to go up to five times the rate of inflation on Monday, according to UK telephone operators.  Experts say the change comes as a result of consumers switching to free technology.

According to the latest figures from the regulator, Ofcom, consumers spent three billion minutes fewer on their landlines in the year to June 2014, a drop of 12.7 percentage in one year alone.

James Barford of Enders Analysis said that ‘”call volumes are declining with more people using Facebook or Whatsapp. So operators are having to recover their costs from increased line rental”.

According to reports from Ofcom, almost 93 percentage of the population uses mobile phones, which means fewer calls are made from landlines. The report also shows that over 16 percent of the UK homes no longer make landlines calls.

The mobile research company, Root Metrics suggests that 51 percent of 18 to 24 year olds claim their mobile phones has already replaced their landline, compared with 17% of those aged over 55.

We interviewed a number of students from the University of Westminster to know if landlines have lost their appeal where new technology has taken over.


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