Pushchairs and Wheelchairs, in the public opinion

By Cristiana Ferrauti

Photo Credit: OpenIcons
Photo Credit: OpenIcons

Disability may easily provoke reactions on the web, especially in the social media.

The case

The Court of Appeal has judged that pushchairs have no priority over wheelchair on bus.

Mr Doug Paulley was refused to get on a FirstGroup bus, because the dedicated area was occupied by a pushchair. The mother of the baby inside the pram said she cannot fold the buggy. The man sued the company.

But the bus services required an appeal, which was allowed.

Today, the Lady Justice Arden, Lord Justice Lewison, and Lord Justice Underhill has ruled in favour of no priority for the wheelchairs users.

Twitter reactions

Twitter has welcomed since this morning the reactions regarding the case.

The comments include words like “shame”, “respect”, and “commons sense”.

The judgment from the Senior Jury, indeed, highlights that each person is responsible for who has priority. It is up to the passenger whether makes space or not for a disabled person on the means of transport.

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Facebook reactions

On Facebook, we have gathered other comments with regard to the sentence, by asking for comments on the judges’ ruling.

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Commuters reactions

Harrow bus station is located in the North-West part of London. There are 5 stands for bus stops.
Early this afternoon, we have interviewed mothers, vendors, and commuters about the sentence. Their opinions vary as they look at the case from different points of view.

Some of them think it should be made a difference among disabled people and wheelchairs users.

Some others are in doubt whether is should be a law for it.

Here you can listen to their voices:


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