Cameron prioritises maths and science

By Di Bai.

Maths and science should be the priority for England’s schools, said Prime Minister David Cameron.

He hosted a special digital event at Downing Street on Monday morning, to enhance economic competitiveness in the “global race”.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 12.00.51
Copyright by flickr, photo from Samantha Stock.

“There’s no secret to success in the modern world. If countries are going to win in the global race and children compete and get the best jobs, you need mathematicians and scientists – pure and simple. So today, we commit to deliver more maths and science teachers.” Prime Minister said.

David Cameron set out plans to recruit 7,500 mathematics and physics teachers over the next five year.

And in last month, education minister told schools to copy China, schools were being urged to go back to ‘chalk and talk’ teaching in order to reproduce the success the traditional methods now have in China.

Researchers have found that children in China achieve marks in maths up to 30 per cent higher than English pupils of the same age.

National Numeracy chief executive said Chinese pupils were significantly more likely to believe that hard work, rather than innate ability, was important in maths.

Yinan Zhao, a 16-year-old Chinese immigrant in the UK, he has been number 1 in school since he moved to Britain seven years ago. “English students pay more attention to creativities, and they have more practical courses such as cooking and design which are not valued in China.”

“There are both problems in the education system in China and Britain. Britain education is more practical and creative, Chinese system requires hard-working.” Zhao said.

“Basic maths needed to be taught in high schools, British should learn from that. But it might be hard for them to change the education system and to copy Chinese success. There are culture differences. ” Binglong Chen, the Chinese maths processor from Sun Yat-Sen University said.


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