George Osborne: “Liar”, “economical weakling”, “briefcase wanker”, “penny pincher” and “thief” responds social media in light of his £2bn extra NHS fund promise

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George Osborne: “Liar”, “economical weakling”, “briefcase wanker”, “penny pincher” and “thief” responds social media in light of his £2bn extra NHS fund promise

By Natalie Graham

The people of social media have spoken! The general consensus is that many are not impressed with George Osborne’s recent announcement of a £2bn Pledge and do not trust the Conservative party with the NHS.

George Osborne’s recent announcement about extra funding on the Andrew Marr show has drawn criticism all round.

Many from all walks in life within the UK have voiced their distrust of his claims; demanding to know where this £2bn has really come from to fund the NHS.

The Guardian claims £750 million of the £2bn extra fund the Chancellor pledges is recycled from money already in the NHS budget.

Labour Shadow health secretary, Andy Burnham dismisses George Osborne’s announcement as a “spin” and that “this money will help but will be nowhere near enough… to put the NHS where it needs to be”.

Damian McBride, Gordon Brown’s blacklisted previous spin-doctor (a fixer to Scandal fans) rhetorically asked Andrew Neil on BBC’s Sunday Politics show yesterday “Why is he out there so early announcing what should be the centre piece of the Autumn Statement?”.

Indeed the chancellor has been slowing drip feeding information on the new NHS budget.

McBride then answered “It could be that he has had to concede [that] on the day it is going to be pretty bad news and that the focus is going to be borrowing numbers and a downgrade of any future growth figures… so he will at least get one day of good news headlines.”

Hence McBride argues because Chancellor will be announcing bad news on Wednesday about the economy he is trying to soften the blow by giving seemingly good news at the start of the week.

The independent website late this morning have just released an article showing six charts they believe the Chancellor wants to hide.–xJXZxK3tOx

A significant number of Twitter users have been tweeting their disgust at George Osborne’s promise, while linking their comments with the Guardian article George Osborne under fire over £2bn NHS pledge ( start-of-commentsand the hashtag #Cameronmustgo

Vicky Ricky on twitter summarized the results of an AOL poll today that showed more than half of people (63%) did not think the NHS was safe in the hands of the Conservative party.

One commenter, PaulNick on the Guardian newspaper website stated “Fair play this is very good news” in response to George Osborne’s extra funding for NHS plan.

However, this drew a reply from a commentator going by the online alias as “middleyouth” that suggest PaulNick’s view was naive.

Middleyouth stated “This is a cynical attempt to con people into thinking that the Tories aren’t sociopaths with blood on their hands who should only be allowed anywhere near the NHS when they need its services.” This comment at 10’ oclock was recommended 1143 times, a staggering number taking into consideration there was 1397 comments.

Middleyouth’s claiming all Tories are “sociopaths with blood on their hands” may be seen as a bit dramatic.

Yet, it help explains Middleyouth’s burning anger and disappointment at the Government. Middleyouth believes the Conservative party, like a sociopath, do not care about the NHS, the common middle class and working class people.

More comments on the Guardian George Osborne £2bn NHS pledge article.

Jack Jazz in the comments section of the Guardian website on the George Osborne article mentions how the chancellors £2bn NHS promise “is just more lies”.

Some tweets directed at George Osborne have been far too violent, threatening and sexually graphic, which this website does not condone, to mention in this article.

However even in some of the more controversial tweets it is clear; the anger some of the public feel for George Osborne is real.

The reputation of George Osborne does not seem to fair to well on facebook either.

There is a popular “Goerge Osborne- Briefcase- wanker” group.

Protests have popped up beckoning people to don George Osborne outfits and descend on Downing Street tomorrow at 5.30pm and one in Poole, Dorset to encourage the sacking of him.


Various facebook groups showing their anger at Goerge Osborne.

However not everyone on social media appears to hate, be distrustful of or angry with George Osborne.

Some are indifferent. Some people have defended his recent announcement and he even has fans.

“Dashingfellow” in the Guardian article highlighted the fact that it may not be the best thing for the United Kingdom to just “make cheap shots about Osborne” and perhaps losing focus.

On facebook there are a few groups that support him and have “facebook liked” him” however the exact numbers of some these fan groups have been hidden.

However it is clear- if the conservatives want to win the next election they must do more to increase George Osborne’s popularity. As the chancellor dwindling reputation is going down, he threatens to sink the Tory party and make people jump ship!


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