Gossip magazines torment Jacqueline Jossa with their “ballsh*t” sources; leaving her “pushed into a corner”! Are we okay with this?

Gossip magazines torment Jacqueline Jossa with their “ballsh*t” sources; leaving her “pushed into a corner”! Are we okay with this?

By Natalie Graham

Gossip magazines have hounded heavily pregnant Eastender’s star, Jacqueline Jossa, this past weekend on her alleged break up with Towie star Dan Osborne

Despite Jossa’s angry tweets that imply she is begging to be left alone in peace, gossip magazines still continue to strike her with stinging blows by spreading rumors about her love life.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 15.20.33
Jossa surrounded by gossip magazines who have recently been spreading rumours about her.

Jacqueline Jossa wrote on twitter a series of tweet on the 5th December that she was “Sick of reading so much about my life, from “sources” that clearly don’t know anything. So much ballsh*t I can’t keep up.”

She added “I hate feeling pushed into a corner, that I have to now speak about my private life to shut you all up.”

She also told how all this gossip surrounding her by strangers bored her; “I am so bored of people talking about things they know NOTHING about.”

The united kingdom prides itself in having a Free press where Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights shows people have the freedom of expression.

Indeed, gossip magazine are allowed to talk about Jacqueline.

Certain celebrities enjoy the attention and fame gossip magazines can help them achieve.

However article 8 states the right to privacy and family life. A right, it seems gossip magazines are denying the heavily pregnant Jacqueline Jossa.

Just this morning, Closer magazine wrote on their website “Jacqueline Jossa in furious twitter rant” and presented some of the heartbreaking and anger soaked tweets she tweeted.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 15.21.58

However not once did Closer magazine suggest they was the cause of Jossa’s twitter rant.

It was Closer magazine, who 4 days ago stated “speaking exclusively with Closer, sources have revealed that EastEnders actress Jacqueline has been left “gutted” over Dan’s behavior”.

These “sources” Jossa has dubbed “ballsh*t”.

Are these “sources” like Jossa suggests just lies? Fabrications? Exaggerations?

Or maybe these sources are truthful but are being used maliciously by money-hungry and drama-thirsty vultures often found within gossiping magazines that feed on the tragedies of celebrities and are not afraid to rip a young star to shreds to sell a story.

Closer magazine refused to comment when asked how they felt about them causing Jossa to feel bullied and pushed into a corner about her love life.

Other gossip magazines who have cashed in on 22 year old Jacqueline include Reveal, OK!, Heat and New!.

All of this begs the question: are we as a society okay with the sinister and snickering turn media in the United Kingdom has made?

Opinions from local Harrow residents where asked and their responses where varied.

“Them Gossip magazines are addictive!” says Emma Goddard, 19 year old student.

Dan Osborne, Towie star and father of Jacqueline Jossa’s unborn child. Getty images.

“I feel guilty, they are banging on and on about her-but it’s juicy gossip. I want to know what’s going on. Dan Osborne is dishy- isn’t he?” explains Amy De Losa, 24 and mum of two.

“Rubbish. Pure rubbish” commented Richard Grindley 28, fruit marker seller when asked about gossip magazines.

Nine out of ten students believed gossip magazines were morally bad and how Jacqueline Jossa was treated was unacceptable.

Whether gossip magazine will continue to harass Jossa is unknown, yet as a society we can only hope they stop.


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