Lunar Mission One set to Explore the Moon’s South Pole

Picture courtesy of

Edward James Lauder (Space Correspondent), Young London News

UK scientists have set out a number of goals for the proposed crowdfunded UK mission to the Moon.

Their principal objective is to survey the Lunar South Pole and uncover more about Moon’s mysterious geology. They also wanted to find a good spot to set up a human base on its surface in the future.

“Until recently the European Space Agency had plans for a lunar lander (which has since been scrapped) and the science case for Lunar Mission One is quite similar,” Ian Crawford, one of Lunar Mission One’s principle scientific advisers, told BBC News. “In addition, we propose to have a drill so there will be new science too.”

Lunar Mission One will supposedly land on the Moon’s South Pole within the next 10 years and will drill 328 feet into the Moon’s surface. This will help researchers to access and analyse lunar rock dating back 4.5 billion years.

Lunar South Pole from above (Picture courtesy of
Lunar South Pole from above (Picture courtesy of

£600,000 of the £500 million required for the project to get the go-ahead will come from public donations on popular crowdfunding website They are currently sitting comfortably at £460,922 with 9 days to go, so it would seem that the project will get the money they wanted from crowdfunding.

Donors will be able to send messages, pictures and even hair samples to be buried under the moon’s surface. Supporters of the mission who have donated some of their hard earned money to the project will also have access to a range of information related to the project.

The rest of the money required for the project will come from the public sector and commercial backers.

If you fancy having some of your hair sent to the moon, here’s their promotional video and a link to their KickStater page (simply click on the K in the video):


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