Many students yet to be registered to vote

By Jipsa George & Alex Xi Zhang

Photo credit: Jens Schott Knudsen

Thousands of students are yet to register to vote for the next general election reveals in a research by the Sunday Politics.

In October, officials stated that over 5.5 million potential voters in England and Wales are yet to be transferred onto a new version of the electoral registers among them most of which are students.

The voting system now requires voters to register themselves. Although 87% of existing voters have been automatically transferred, 13 % have not

Sam Gyimah, the Constitution minster said “We’ve invested so far £4.2m to ensure that under-represented groups, of which students are one – you’ve got black and minority ethnic groups, you’ve also got other types of voters – are targeted and reached by the local authorities to get them on the register.”

The electoral registration process is said to take just few minutes to complete.

Listen here students’ opinions of voting






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