May strips a British family of their citizenship

Fabeha Syed

A man and his three sons with Pakistani passports, have been accused of their association with Al-Qaeda, while the daughter fights in Syria alongside her jihadist husband.

UK Home Secretary Theresa May collectively takes away the citizen ship of a family. A British-Muslim family of four sons and a daughter have been living in exile with their parents since 2012. The 51-year-old father, now living in Pakistan, says he and his three sons are innocent. The man has been identified as S1 who reveals that his daughter, who is married to a jihadist, is now living in Syria with his three children.

His youngest son who is a disabled teenager and his wife stayed with the family, although they were not exiled.

S1 denies all the allegations and says, “We are British through and through. The best of British values don’t contradict Islamic values. To this day, English is the only language we speak.”

The family had earlier applied legally to reinstate their citizenship, but the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) did not consider it. However a spokeswoman for the Home Office said, “Since May 2010 there have been 27 people who have had their citizenship revoked and for the overwhelming majority this was because of terrorist activities.”

Increasing radicalization among UK Muslims

Recently a teenage Jihadi, Ali Kalantar, was killed in Iraq fighting for ISIS. Another case of four members of the same family, who travelled to Syria to join the Islamic State insurgency, add to a number of cases of extremism reported in the last months.

Sir Peter Fahy, the Chief Constable of Manchester Police, on Saturday, warned that Britain is in danger of becoming a police state because of threat of homegrown extremist.

With more cases of fundamentalism surfacing, the Home Secretary Theresa May also announced extremist speaker policies earlier last month.

“We will place statutory duty in named organisations eg, schools, colleges, universities, prisons, police and local government to help prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”. She also said, “Universities will have to put in place extremist speakers policies and prisons will have to show that they are dealing with prisoners in an appropriate way”


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