Weekend Turmoil at the Cardiff Winter Wonderland hasn’t stopped Londoners from visting Hyde Park

By Jipsa George & Alex Xi Zhang

Sky Swing at the Hype park Winter Wonderland Photo credit: Jipsa George

Number of people queued up at the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland to get on the Sky Swing despite the incident that took place at Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland over the weekends.

The swings were hit by empty chairs when 200 ft above the ground. Passengers were left screaming in mid-air when strong winds caused the crash.

The safety operator, Richard Thompson at the Hyde Park Winder Wonderland said that the incident was “one- off”.

Ride operators carrying out safety check Photo credit: Xi Zhang

He also said “the rides are made by different manufactures and that it is less likely such incident will happen again. The rides have automatic wind censors to detect wind speed that will not allow the ride to operate” he added.

Visitors seem to be hardly affected by the incident and many have said that they will get on the ride despite the safety concerns.

Listen here visitors’ opinion at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Link: Metro newspaper Monday, December 8, 2014 Page 9


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