Killer munch for breakfast, dinner or lunch

Danae Diz, YoungLondonNews

From  bacon flavoured cocktails to stroking cats whilst drinking tea, in London you can literally consume everything. To add to the rapidly changing consumer market, from tomorrow on, London will also have an all day cereal café.

Located in Shoreditch, identical twins and founders Alan and Gary Keery are opening the UKs first cereal café. Cereal Killer Café is for all those, who like them “fancied a bowl of cereal and realized it’s not something available in any café or restaurant”.

The will offer customers a choice of 100 cereals from around the world, 12 varieties of milk along with 10 different toppings all for the price of £2.35 per 30 gr. Toppings will cost you an extra 20p!

Baroness Jenkin of Kennington has recently in the launch of a report into food poverty that “Porridge costs 4p a bowl”. Porridge, another breakfast option not available in cafes and restaurants but widely available in supermarkets.

In the UK, an average box of cereal rages from £1.50 Tesco cornflakes to £4.75 for Waitrose Crunchy Maple & Nut Muesli.

Ailbhe Malone, a Buzzfeed Journalist who visited the café, tells me “I suppose the café is an easy way of trying it (new cereals) out, without committing to purchasing a whole box. “

Cereal Killer Café may offer different cereals from around the world, cereal cocktails and its funky décor featuring cereal paintings may be eye catching and exciting, but would people really be willing to pay £2.35 for just 30g when they can get 1kg for the same price or less?

Photo credits: Hayley Daen
Photo credits: Hayley Daen

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