Tenants in London complain about toilets, rats and bin problems

Marina Skalic

Renters in the capital complain two times more about rats to their landlord than the national average, claims a new study from TenantRepair.com.

Study results also show that bathroom and toilet problems are on the top of the list for more than four million Londoners, who are paying to private landlords.

Tower Hamlets is the borough with the most maintenance requests, 4,881 of them. That is 10.9 per cent of the overall requests.

Merton follows with 10.3 per cent, according to the study. Southwark comes next with 10.1 per cent, Wandsworth with 7 percent and Lambeth with 6.2 per cent are in the top 5 as well.

Rajeev Nayaar, maker of the study, said: “There are lots of problems, that can’t be denied.

The question is whether London is complaining more or there are just more Londoners in the renting sector”.

Tenants in Merton, according to the study, make the most requests about bathroom and toilet problems in London, with 12.1 per cent of total requests.

Kensington has London’s worst problems with bin stores. They make 33 per cent of total number.

-Part of this could be driven by the older houses that they may not have in the other cities. It is also interesting to think weather expectations of renters are slightly different because they pay more for rents in London- Nayaar adds.

Tenants in Southwark have the most issues with electricity, which make nine per cent of all requests. It also has the most furniture requests- 19.7 per cent of them.

Problems with rats, mice and pests are biggest in Redbridge, with 12.3 per cent.

Hillingdon, according to this data, is the borough that had the lowest number of requests- just seven, or 0.14 per cent of all requests.


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