Brendan Rodgers finds backing of Liverpool fans despite Champions League exit

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is under pressure to save his job after the club were knocked out of the Champions League, following a 1-1 draw at home to Basel on Tuesday evening.

The Reds also lie ninth in the Premier League table ahead of Sunday’s crucial meeting with arch-rivals Manchester United, who are placed third.

Rodgers has come under severe backlash on social media websites such as Twitter, with the hashtag ‪#RodgersOut trending following the defeat.

However, some fans don’t believe it all to be Rodgers’s fault.

“I don’t think it is the manager’s fault,” said Ed Lauder, journalist and life-long Liverpool fan. “I don’t think everyone should blame managers. This is all experience for him. Liverpool need to realize they’re not the club they used to be.

“They overachieved last season and everyone got far too ahead of themselves. We sold the best player we had. We need to rebuild, bring in better players—those who have Champions League experience.”

Lauder felt that the principal objective for Liverpool should be to finish in the top four in the Premier League.

“Last season was down to two things: luck and [Luis] Suarez,” he said. Without a player like Suarez, we lack any real drive and class. He’s the kind of player who makes everyone around him play well.

“[Mario] Balotelli hasn’t really been useful. The only player who seems to be trying to do things for Liverpool seems to be Steven Gerrard. As a Liverpool fan, this season has been really disappointing.”

Twitter user Simon Steers said, “I might be in a minority, but I still back Rodgers, but he does need to change. He needs to stick to his ideas & accept help in areas.”

Another fan, who went by the name of Kenny Rodgers, was more critical of the manager and felt that Rodgers needs to stitch up Liverpool’s defence.

“My concern is that Rodgers has yet to realise that good teams are built from a solid defence,” he posted on a forum on

“If he doesn’t realise this soon and address it, i.e. bring in a proper defensive coach, I would have to ask serious questions about what he wants to achieve at the club. We simply cannot keep defending like this. It’s not good enough whatsoever.”

“I’m not going to call for his head, as I think it is premature, but he needs to get his act together and start paying his strongest XI,” wrote another user, LForschC.

Photo courtesy: Geoffrey Hammersley (Creative Commons)


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